Little Changes are the Easiest to Maintain

Hey all! How was your week?  Are you pumped that it’s Friday?  I am, but I have nothing big planned for the weekend.  I think we’re all planned out and just want to take it easy at home.  No plans is perfectly fine with me. 

Today, I thought I would chat with you all a bit about some changes I’ve been making at home.  It’s no secret that fitness slid way down on the list of priorities and well, we just finished the holidays off.  That means there were terrible eats everywhere to be found and despite trying to healthify some dishes, there are some that you just don’t want to.  Cheesecake anyone? 


White Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl … and every bit as delicious as it sounds

Anywho, all of the above has done a serious number on my physical well being (jeans are tight, skin is seriously AWFUL, running is hard again) and that also means a number on my self-esteem.  The only photos that seem to make it through are photos that the flash washed things out or are far away.  No, no, I’m not here to complain but I’m sure many of you can relate at some time or another.  I’m not the only one here right? Right?

So I took it upon myself to start making some small dietary changes to see if it helps.  I’m starting with the simple ones and then easing into some of the harder ones.

I’m cutting out wine . . . for now.  I really enjoy my glass or two of wine but find myself polishing off about 2 bottles a week and that’s just unnecessary.  I’m out of all of my favorites and I don’t plan on restocking for a while.  This doesn’t mean that my wine glasses aren’t getting any use though.


I’m just making my green monsters look prettier is all

I’m also cutting out as much caffeine as possible and replacing it with decaf tea.  I’m not really addicted to coffee but I do rely on it to wake me up and sometimes that means 4-5 cups at a time.  That’s excessive and needs to go.  I do miss the warm cup of something in the morning though so I’m incorporating decaf tea to help me with that.  The added benefits of drinking tea are only a bonus. 


So far I’ve tried the detox tea and pomegranate pizazz and liked them a lot.  I’ve got to get through the rest of the sampler to see if there are any others I like though.

As far as easy changes go, I’m trying to drink a lot more water too.  Now for the more difficult changes.  I’m cutting as much sugar as I can and I’m going completely gluten-free.  I already know that gluten bothers me so there’s no reason I should only be eating gluten-free before running.  I should be doing it all the time!


In order to help me ease into gluten free eating, I got a few breakfast foods to help me not miss bread so much.  I’m also trying to incorporate more rice, oats and buckwheat into our diet. 

As for cutting out sugar? Sugar is just terrible for you.  I’m sure it’s what’s doing the biggest number on my skin too.  I’m not talking about natural sugar from fruit and veggies.  I’m talking the processed sugar that’s creeping in everything from your tomato sauce to your cereal to the obvious fifth cookie you just shouldn’t be eating.  It’s really hard to quit though!  Every time I try, I find myself snacking more or pacing in the kitchen wondering what I can have that’ll satisfy the craving.  So this time I’m starting with reducing.  Reduction is much easier.  I’m cutting out the obvious desserts and since I’m not drinking coffee, I’m avoiding sugar there too.  I’m not sweetening my teas either. 

Finally, I’m getting back on the fitness wagon one way or another.  I redid my fitness page a couple of weeks ago and started tracking again on the first of the year.  Wednesday was the first run in two weeks so this is how it went:

  • Sixth Ave Heartbreak – The Wallflowers = Power Walk
  • Place for my Head – Linkin Park = Moderate Jog
  • Are You Happy Now – Michelle Branch = Moderate Jog
  • Deliverance – Bubba Sparxxx = Power Walk
  • I Don’t Care –  Apocalyptica ft Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace = Fast walk home


Not great, not bad, but some movement is better than no movement.  I’m trying to stay positive and just get back in the game.  I can kick some ass later.

Do you have any tips for a gradual diet cleanup?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have a great weekend folks!