Happy Things

Running first thing in the morning makes me happy. It pretty much sets my mood for the whole day if I get it in early Smile This morning I got in 40 mins which was good because my legs were tight from the day before yesterday still. They felt heavy for about 15 mins into the run and then I was good to go.  Here are some other random things that make me happy along with some things/people/furballs I’m looking forward to going home to.

My kitchen is a very happy place.  It smells pretty good too when I’m there Open-mouthed smile  Here it is just before we moved in. 


Smiling babies should make everyone happy.  They’re just so gosh dern cute!  Here’s me and my friend Tab’s baby, little Olivia. 

Me and Olivia

That picture is from a couple of years ago.  Tabitha just showed it to me though. Olivia is so much bigger now and trust me she’ll be a heartbreaker.  Here is my nephew Logan sportin some Air Force gear.  He’s about 5 months old now.  I can’t wait to meet him when I get home.  He’s got such adorable chubby cheeks Open-mouthed smile

Air Force Aunt

I Red heart being goofy with friends.




Girlfriends getting promoted! Congratulations Deana!!!

Promote Deana

How can these dogs not make you smile?



Me Mts


Sweet Potatoes


Hubby and I 2

husbands . . . crazy husbands

What are some things that make you happy???

Have a great Friday night!!!