The Catch Up Post

Well hello there strangers.  I hope all is well with you and that you had a fantastic weekend.  I certainly did!  I saw the Avengers along with the other 20 million folks on Friday and it was amazingly fantastic and exceeded all expectations I had for the movie.  If you haven’t seen it yet, drop everything and go see it now.  Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo so a few friends and I went to downtown San Antonio.  We hit up a couple of places for drinks, I got to go to my first Ben & Jerry’s shop, and we saw the Luminaria Arts and Lights festival in Hemisfair Park. 


My favorite light display – Taiwanese Lanterns

Gotta say that my favorite part of the festival though was people watching.  I saw some pretty interesting folks to say the least which included a chica with a dress made of balloons in the shape of a flame. 

Anywho, so remember that picture I showed you weeks ago with a promised explanation?  Well, you see our Senior cardiopulmonary class graduated the day we took that picture and left MY class a little surprise.  Since I bike to school now, I get to there super early and found our surprise before the rest of my class.  Just look at this chaos.



They even shrink wrapped our calculators.


I thought it was pretty funny until I realized that it was 6 AM and I couldn’t make any coffee because the big jerks took apart the coffee maker, shrink wrapped it and hid all of the pieces.  Steaming mad


Apparently no one ever taught them that you don’t mess with a Sergeant’s coffee pot

To add insult to injury, they removed the wheels from all of our chairs and hid them all over the room INCLUDING inside the CPR dummies!  I’m not really one for huge pranks like that.  Scares yes but not creating a lot of unnecessary waste and work for someone else to clean up.  However, our baby class is so gonna get it when we graduate!  I’m def going to perpetuate the cycle on this one.  Be right back

So let’s transition from pranks to clip in pedals here.  I did finally get them on my bike when I realized that my quads were really tired throughout my day even if I took a day off in between cycling days.  I decided it was time to share the workload with my other muscles and headed to the bike store.  I found myself some new shoes with these fancy little clips on the bottom.


Those metal pieces clip right into these fancy new pedals


Just like so



They were pretty tough to get used to for me (I’m sure they are for most people)  My store loosened them up a lot so that I could clip in even easier while I get used to foot placement.  What I like the most about my pedals though is that they only have clips on one side.  The other side is smooth so if I miss the clip it’s no worries.  I can just keep pedaling and give it another go when I’m in a comfortable spot.  Once my body realized that I quit getting tripped up.  I only really fell once when I got one foot clipped in and tried to clip the other shoe in while stationary on the bike.  Doh!  I forgot I was clipped in and lost my balance Open-mouthed smile

The clips are going really well now and I can totally tell a difference in speed and the muscles I’m using.  The workload on my legs has really evened out and my quads don’t feel as fatigued anymore.  I’m off to go finish out my day now.  I have a really big test tomorrow afternoon so the rest of my to do list is kind of hectic. 
Today’s Agenda:

  • Grocery shop
  • Make meals for week
    • Slow cooker oats
    • Spicy Black Bean Burgers
    • Cake batter cashew butter for Oats
  • Laundry
  • Dinner with In-laws
  • Get uniforms together

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday evening!