WIBW: Sedona

Hey everyone! Welcome to the next installment in my Where I’ve Been Wednesday series. To all of you new readers, you can find out more about WIBW here.  So far I’ve taken ya’ll to Venice, Rome, and Diego Garcia.  Today though, we aren’t even going to leave the United States.  I know, what a foreign err not-so-foreign concept.  You see, when I joined the Air Force I had never been farther west than Chicago (I love that city too!). My whole life I dreamed of traveling and having adventures.  I even had Colorado picked out as the place I wanted to live … even though I’d never been there before Laughing out loud  Hellooo, mountains!  Anyway, I digress, my point is that traveling doesn’t mean you have to leave the country.  The U.S. has a WAY lot to offer and thanks to my job I’ve been able to see quite a bit more of it than I thought would be possible.  Don’t worry though Be right back  I haven’t run out of pictures of Europe.



Sedona is one of my favorite places in Arizona.  I’ve only been a few times so far but honestly, you’ll fall in love with it’s beauty (and QUIRKS) immediately.  If you’re into it, there are A LOT of New Age groups and shops there.  The belief is that there are “spiritual vortexes” concentrated in Sedona. 



I’m not sure about all of that but there is definitely some magic present in the beauty of the place.  If you make it to Sedona, make sure you check out Tlaquepaque Arts Village (Tuh-Lock-ay-pock-ay Smile).  I had a blast looking at all of the sculptures




and fountains placed in the courtyards 




There are SEVERAL art studios with a lot of amazing work.  It ranges from New Agey to Native American to different renditions of famous works along with of course original works.  Here’s a few other random sights:


Yes, that is a chair made of rocks


Up close view of an interesting looking tree.  I thought the bark was cool.  I’m aware that I’m a nerd Just kidding


[sorry veggies!  It’s just not everyday you see a huge pile of skulls]

After you’re done exploring Tlaquepaque you’ll probably be hungry.  I don’t have any pictures of these places but trust me.  You WILL want to go try out the Oak Creek Brewing & Grill, Marketplace Café, and Oaxaca Restaurant & Rooftop Cantina.  All three were AWESOME with fantastic service although my favorite would be the brewery.  Next is the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It was beautiful!  It’s set right into the rocks and rises up pretty high.  I’m not sure how high but just look at the views. 


and then there was this ridiculous mansion in front of the chapel.  Do you see the observatory on top of it???  Insane.  I couldn’t decide if it was offensive or not to have that mansion a stones throw from the chapel but you have to admit, that person has some pretty awesome views.


Lastly, here are some of the views that can be found entering and leaving Sedona




They call this one Bell Rock but I think it looks more like a Buddha. Am I alone?  I’ll just keep referring to it as Buddha Mt.


Well that’s all I have today for Where I’ve Been Wednesday.  I hope you enjoyed some of the sights Sedona has to offer.  Come back next week to see where we go next!  If you’d like to catch up on previous WIBW posts, here they are:

Hope you all have a wonderful day!