105 Burpees and 1 Bum Leg

Hi friends! How are you?  I’m doing just dandy.  It seems like there were a lot of folks interested in kale chips because I had the most hits ever on that one.  Apparently my former roomie just attempted them with BBQ and garlic and thought they were “better than ok.”  Winking smile  Ah well, she didn’t hate them so I’m sure she’ll be a convert soon right? 

Anywho, we’re back from San Antonio as of 3 AM on Wednesday and since then I’ve gone back to work.  I worked the night shift on Wednesday and then dayshift today.  Seems like the vacation is definitely over now  Sarcastic smile  San Antonio was a good time though.  Aaron and I got to see a lot of his family and I got in a couple of mini workouts. 

There have been numerous burpees.  I’m on day 14 now which puts me at a total of 105 so far. Workouts also included carrying, curling, and lifting monkeys like this one

(The hubby apologizes for the horrible pictures)


I also taught the two little ones how to do burpees (they were curious)



Little Shawn thought it was a good idea to make me work harder by climbing on my back.  Layla face planted . . .



I followed her soon after this . . . Who me?

When we finished this particular burpee session, I set out on my 15 miler.  I would so love to tell you that this was a successful run.  I’m so tired of talking about terrible runs which is probably why I’ve been avoiding the blog.  That seed of doubt in my head of  “maybe I won’t be able to do this marathon,” is most definitely planted. 

Anyway, Aaron and I arranged prior to the run that he would come check on me every 45 mins and bring me water.  He found me barreling up a hill at around 3.5 miles and when I finished I let him know that my leg was starting to hurt again.  I then decided to just sit with him for a bit and drank some water and stretched.


After a small pep talk, I got back out there but this time Aaron drove to each turn and waited for me.  I’m so glad he did that!  At 4.5 miles my leg had me walking and then this loomed ahead . . .


Hah!  I’m already demoralized enough over my stupid leg (yes I’m dramatic) but I’m not running in that!  Can I realistically attempt 16 miles this weekend if I haven’t gone farther than 12 before?  Should I just run/walk it just to get time on my feet?  If it hurts and I can’t do it, will I be too far behind training to do my marathon?  I don’t know the answer to any of those questions right now and it’s stressing. me. out. 

I bought a foam roller so I could massage my legs out and I’ve been icing/heating my leg like it’s my job.  Ibuprofin has also became some what of a vitamin too (I hate medication!).  I’ve got a doctors appointment on Monday that I’m hoping leads to physical therapy instead of, “Stop Running!”  We’ll see what happens though.  Anywho, I hope you all had a great day and  are having fantastic runs for me. 

Happy Running Folks!