Why Weight Training?

Hey there!  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty low key.  I caught my inlaws up on Grimm and Once Upon a Time, made chicken enchiladas for a classmate and his family on Saturday, and attended their new baby’s blessing ceremony on Sunday.  I also ended up doing my Monday weight work out on Sunday night. The reason is actually kind of pathetic funny.

  • I’m super self conscious and don’t want to look dumb as I wander the weights
  • The weights are guarded by grunting ogres who I’ve been told are actually just men high on testosterone

weight ogre

Seriously, don’t go near his weights

  • Weight training intimidates me

So instead of going to the gym at sane hours like 5-7 AM/PM, I was at the gym after midnight on Friday and at 9 PM Sunday night.  Maybe that really is pathetic . . .

So why am I torturing myself and doing something that clearly makes me uncomfortable?

Well that’s because it makes me uncomfortable


I feel comfortable with my knowledge about all things running, swimming, nutrition but I know just a little more than zilch about weight training.  This may just be the challenge I need to bust out of my rut, boost my confidence and get my weight and body back under control.

Weight training has a lot of benefits not the least of which is getting arms like this

cameron diaz

other benefits/reasons to lift weights:

  • prevent osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass – I’m 27 and bone/muscle-loss can start in the 30s.  It’s time for some prevention
  • Muscle is the best fat burner
  • Strengthen and even out the entire body
    • ITBS-most likely comes from having weak glutes, hips and calves.  This could be the answer to beating my ITBS for good.  (yeah, it’s still a recurring issue of mine)
  • Sleep better – I think this goes for all exercise but I sleep like crap so I’ll take any help I can get

Anyway, in typical me fashion, I did a ton of research on weight lifting and came to the conclusion that this program should be done in phases.  I’ve decided to break them down like this.

  • Days 1-30 – Total Body routine, x3/week
  • Days 31-60 – Total Body routine, x4/week
  • Days 61-90 – Split body routine, x3/week with return of cardio days

I’ll break this down further in another post.  That’s the general outline.  Here’s last night’s routine:

Workout A

  • Treadmill Warm Up – 10 mins @ 6mph
  • Barbell Squat – 3 sets, 15 lbs x 10
  • Incline Bench Press – 1 set 30 lbs x 7, 2 sets 20 lbs x 6
  • Seated Row – 3 sets, 30 lbs x 8
  • Hamstring Curl – 3 sets, 35 lbs x 8  <—I hate this exercise!!!
  • Bent over row – 3 sets, 8 lbs x 8
  • Standing Calf Raises – 3 sets, 20 lbs x 8
  • Treadmill – 15 mins @6-6.5 mph w/3% incline


Have a great day!

How do you feel about the weight room?  What’s your least and/or favorite lift?