A Saturday with Mocha

Hey there folks.  I hope you’re having a great weekend.  I’ve had a pretty alright one.  It’s been great because I flew out to my house in Tucson for the weekend and it’s just so nice to be home.  It’s sucked because the hubs is in England for a wedding and I’m here to see my dog because she’s sick. 


You might not be able to tell because she still looks pretty sassy stately but she’s very very ill.  Aaron told me a little over a week ago that she’d been losing weight and was worried she may be sick.  At first he thought she was just losing weight because Whiskey seemed like he was stealing her food.  Then he actually sat with them to watch them eat and realized Mocha wasn’t eating at all and Whiskey was just cleaning her plate instead.

He took her to the vet and first they told us that she was going into renal failure due to kidney disease.  So the vet sent Aaron and Mocha to a specialist who ran more tests and did a sonogram of her kidneys only to find that they looked just fine.  However, she found that Mocha’s spleen was inflamed and so sent Aaron to another specialist.  This one was the oncologist. 

Like I mentioned before, Aaron had to go to England this past week, so I was the one who got the call on Wednesday that she tested positive for Stage V Lymphoma in her spleen.  (Sorry for the tears classmates)  Within half an hour of hearing the diagnosis I bought plane tickets so I could come see my girl and assess the situation for myself.

I was not prepared for how skinny she’d be when I arrived. 


According to the last weight in, she’s lost 12 pounds.


That last picture breaks my heart because you can see just how much she’s lost.  Her collar was pretty snug (good snug) when I left for school but now I can slip my whole hand through it like nothing.  You can also see her rear hip bones jutting out.  Meanwhile, Whiskey is feeling a little bad because his big sis is sick AND he looks tubby.


What a sad meatball

I’m not sure what our course of action is going to be but I’m leaning towards letting her have chemo as long as her spirits are up, her attitude is good, and she’s not in pain.  I don’t want to think about what’s going to happen later just yet. 

Two things did make me very happy today though.  I made some adjustments to what she was eating and got her to eat two full meals today.  She has yet to show me an upset stomach so I’m calling that a win. 

The other was having her snuggle next to me while I studied on my living room floor.


Hug your pets tonight folks and enjoy your Sunday/Mother’s Day.