Still Around

Hey folks! How’ve you been?  I’ve been super, super busy and I’m sorry to say but the blog has been low on my priorities lately.  It’s not that I don’t want to share and show what’s up with my Air Force, gluten-free, bike-commuting self; it’s just that I feel guilty if I write a blog post instead of study for another hour or two.  I haven’t even felt like I had the time to read any of these


It’s a balance I’m still working out . . . There is SO much to share though but I think it’s just going to wait a couple more days.  And I promise there will be an explanation to this photo included


There’s some ridiculousness here for sure . . .

I’ve also got to share my adventures in my transition to “clip-in pedals” along with da da da daaaaa, my husband’s visit today!  I’m so excited to see him Smile  I hope ya’ll have a great weekend and hope to see you soon! 

Oh by the way, I have to say another  big CONGRATS to Army Amy for finishing her second marathon in 4:24!  Awesome job Miss lady! Open-mouthed smile