Yeah I joined a gym but do I HAVE to deal with the trainers?

Hey all!  How was your weekend?  Did the time change affect you much?  I lost my first hour of sleep last night due to a time change.  Weird right?  I was just telling my in laws that I’ve never had to.  Indiana didn’t change their clocks until 2006 but then the last three places I lived didn’t participate in DLST.  So yeah . . .

Anywho, I joined a gym yesterday and I was super excited about it . . . yesterday. 

join gym


Today I’m not so sure, so I guess let me back up to yesterday.  I went to “the gym” that I’d selected for myself based off of my prior experiences with the chain back in 2004.  This gym is open 24/7, has a rock wall, 25m lap pool, saunas, steam rooms, cardio/weight machines galore, a yoga/pilates studio, and more!  It’s really got some great facilities and I thoroughly enjoyed using them before.  Well, when I signed up yesterday, the agent I worked with said that with my membership I also had access to a fitness assessment with a personal trainer.  He said this would be great because it would give me a baseline for right now and something to measure against to see how I progress.  Even though I’ve never worked with a trainer I was all for it so we made an appointment with the scary trainer for Monday.  I’m not going to lie.  I fully expect trainers to be a cross between this

drill instructor


and this

personal trainer


So imagine my surprise when this super nice (on the phone) guy calls me up this morning and asks if I’d like to move my assessment up to today.  I was in the middle of laundry and dishes so of course I said I’d head right over.

Fast forward to right now and I’m feeling more perturbed, annoyed, overwhelmed, slightly frustrated and overall unsure.

The “fitness assessment” wasn’t a physical assessment at all.  It was a really long conversation with a trainer about my personal fitness goals and my previous fitness history.  We discussed a bit more than that but that’s ALL it was! With the exception of about 15 squats with my hands over my head, all we did was talk.  

I’m sorry but I already signed the membership contract so do we really have to go on a date?

Ugh, and then it got really awkward at the end of the conversation too.  He brought up a price list which includes the trainer rates and the actual physical assessments.

  • Stress and Resilience test – $265
  • Cardio Assessment (treadmill test with breathing mask attachment)–$139
  • Cardio Coaching – $99/mo
  • Personal training:
    • 3 x week = $828/mo
    • 2 x week = $552/mo
    • 1 x week = $276/mo

He then started saying I’ll need this supplement and those vitamins and this heart rate strap and the dollars were just adding up!

Please excuse my language but HOLY SHIT!!!  That’s ridiculous!

or am I cheap and naïve?

What I want from a gym is to be able to use all of the facilities and have personal trainers as a resource without having to worry about them trying to constantly sell me something.  Is that possible? 

Can someone please give me the benefits of using a trainer vs doing the research and designing a workout for myself?  The only one I can see is that they’ll monitor my form but honestly, I can get that from a mirror.

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Good night!