Gosh Dern Dogs

Hey all!  How are you doing today?  I’m doing pretty good now but boy oh boy just wait till you see what I came home to today Sarcastic smile 

One of the things I’ve been doing while away from the blog is bonding with my new dog Whiskey and of course playing with Mocha. 


Whiskey is the pillow and Mocha is the one lounging in the background

Anywho, I treat these two dogs like my children! I mean they ARE my children even with their fur and four legs. 

Do these faces look very guilty???


They should!




This was a new jar of hair wax/pomade


which makes me glad I’m not the one who picks up the dog poo


Yeah that’s right Whiskey.  You look appropriately guilty now . . .

Do any of you want a new boxer or two?

. . . .


Who am I kidding?  I can’t trade them or stay mad at them long


Could you???

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!